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Grigory Leps ... His love for the powerful voice and a rare charisma. He - the idol of women and a strong spirit of men. Leps - a true example of courage on our stage. The owner of a unique range for coloring and singing, he sings every time the last - on the nerve, heart and soul. Therefore, what is done, close and understandable to many. Therefore, every new job it becomes an event.

He was born in Sochi. There was his first musical universities - a graduate of the music school in the class of percussion instruments, he worked in well-known rock bands and sang in fashionable restaurants. Then in Sochi come from all over the country and the work was enough for the artist ... Leps. It was already known, thanks to his extraordinary voice. Sometimes, fans creativity Grigory Leps visited Sochi specially to hear his name. Many people advised to move to Moscow and offered help ...

In 30 years Grigory Leps came to conquer Moscow "... I went not for glory, as such. Just I have realized that if I stayed to sing in Sochi restaurants, then exhale as an artist. Night working on the flight. A tired shot of alcohol ... "Moscow has met Leps not hospitable. Yes, actually, how many people who come to conquer it. "I have been very few people interesting. Many drank. I started using drugs. It looked bad, respectively. My weight was 100 kg. And the people who promised to help once - of course lost. It was difficult to me in that. " As a result, Grigory Leps occasionally worked in various restaurants of Moscow. And yet the fate smiled at him. There were people who believed in him, in his talent.

1995. The first album is called "Natalie". Arrangements made Eugene Kobylyansky. Work has begun in the studio, shooting videos. "Natalie," "God bless you." Shortly after the recording of the album and shooting videos in Leps began with health problems. "Natalie," was the song and the hallmark of the artist Grigory Leps. But at this moment, he is in a hospital bed for six months to "pull out" of life. Clip "Natalie" he saw on television in a hospital room.

«... Everybody was sure that I would not survive, - Gregory recalls. In the House, where I lay dead no one left. But he scrambled. Thanks to my mother, who came to Moscow to take care of me. And of course, the Lord God. He gave me a second chance, and I'm trying to use it at 100%. »

When the actor was discharged from the hospital, the doctors warned that one sip of alcohol, may be the last for him. Since then, it took more than ten years. Leps not use alcohol and drugs. "There have been many different periods in my life. It is only the fear of dying young, I was stopped by repetition of certain mistakes. »

2000. The album "Thank You, People». This is probably the hardest and heaviest album Leps. In it, he reveals himself in a new way. Each of the works - a little history of his life. "Thank you for the people" - is sung narrative divided into chapters. Songs: "Rat-jealousy", "Summer", "Tell", "Rustle", "Good night, gentlemen", "First Birthday", "so what" - caused many to look at the Gregory Leps in new ways. This is another Leps. With its pros and cons. Aggressive and romantic, uncompromising and talented, continue to live, in spite of everything. For this album were taken by their unforgettable visuals clips, "Rat", "Rustle", "First Birthday»


It was during this period of his life, Gregory met with Anna. She graduated from the Ballet School and danced in the ballet Limes Vajkule. After a long and beautiful courtship of Anna Gregory she believed him. "At that time, Grisha had voice problems It took a complex operation, which did not give full guarantee of the recovery of the vocal cords, but we believe that all get better.." - Says Anna. "For a singer who really sings, one has thought of losing voice is terrible, - says Gregory So remember that situation again was to fight terror and Anne, for their support and love, helped me as I could...." A year later, their daughter Eva was born. This is the second daughter of Gregory. Senior Inga, from his first marriage, operates London. In May 2007, Gregory and Anne was born another daughter - Nicole. The family celebrated a decade of living together. "... Leps for me - it is the whole planet, says Anna. If you are able to look into the interior of the planet, it will stay with her forever. " Leps himself does not speak a lot of words of love, believing that "love is the case. Taking care of his wife and children. " His personal life, he is quite satisfied. And dreams of a son.

2002. The album "On the strings of rain» , from which song, "A glass of vodka on the table," sang the whole country. This song - a hymn, pesnya- mood pesnya- state of mind. After her performance, about Grigory Leps in the media wrote: "Today Leps - the last bastion of masculinity on stage ..." And it's hard to argue. The album also included the notorious "Tango broken hearts", "I believe I'll wait," "On the strings of rain", "Angel of tomorrow" ... As part of the album were filmed videos for "A glass of vodka on the table," the song, "I I believe I'll wait. »

2004. The album and DVD of the concert version in the "Sail" Kremlin. This is a great program, consisting of 12 songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. The result exceeded all expectations. Arrange all the works were done by Eugene Kobylyansky. Vysotsky's songs, performed Leps highly were appreciated not only by fans of Gregory, but also fans of Vladimir Semenovich. He did not copy the wizard. He sang to her anguish. He sang as felt. I pass through itself. I lived. And it happened. Vysotsky's songs were heard in a new way. 12 works are: "Song about a friend", "Shooting a mountain echo," "Here paws at firs shiver on weight", "Dome", "house crystal", "Ships," "Save Our Souls", "Sail" "Gypsy", "Song of Vagni and Mary", "Romance", "Farewell to the mountains." To the program was filmed a video clip for the song "Sail».

2005. Album "Favorites ... 10 years». This is a gift to fans of Grigory Leps. It includes the most famous works by artists.

2006. "Labyrinth" album. Cut two clips. "Blizzard", "Maze».

Go to "Labyrinth" Grigory Leps was, by his own admission, three years. And these three years seemed long, not only him, but also to those who waited for his new work. It includes songs about love and loyalty, hope and disappointment, about the life and fate.

To record the selected material started in winter 2005


The album includes nine new songs: "Blizzard", which clip on with the participation of "Moscow Virtuosos" and Vladimir Spivakov showed central channels. Spivakov has kindly agreed to take part in this work, to play in a clip. I found an opportunity and timing, in his crowded schedule of tours. "It was a terrific job! Interesting and outstanding musician. It is impossible to convey the excitement that you experience being on stage with a man who is Maestro Vladimir Spivakov ". "Rock and roll" - pesnya- anthem. Tribute to the musicians and fans of the times, those for whom a rock-and-roll is alive and not dead; "Black rain" - which according to legend is shed, when love dies; "Labyrinth" - poignant song about the piercing feeling, created by Andrey Misin and Karen Gregory Kavaleryan and taken into the repertoire with a light hand of Alla Pugacheva; "No, no, no" - written by a participant of the St. Petersburg group "Pushking" Constantine Shustarevym (Kohoy); "Different people" - the song Gold Play, which the singer took the repertoire and made as an experiment - even his fans hardly define it "Lepse" ... Each song has suffered, thought, sung in the original manner Grigory Leps


. «I for myself censor - Leps says - Long enough to go to enjoy the audience and lose I do not intend to. Some people like the actor Grigory Leps, who does not - it is a normal phenomenon, a matter of taste. Every artist, and simply human, has its admirers and detractors »...

If from a professional point of view Leps today is perfect, the intimacy and clarity simple and unsophisticated listener ... it also does not deny. "Golden Section" in its repertoire, and he found just nelukavo: all the new songs, he "checks" to those who have nothing to do with music: Friends and fans. They like - this is a sure sign that matures You


«I always wanted to make an album, the concept and the sound of which would not be dictated by any producer or composer, or anyone else. "Labyrinth" has turned out just so. (Music for a large part of the songs he wrote himself.) So, what it wanted to see it myself. Let's see what will happen next, his listeners will. But in front of him I am clean: do the record, so that she was not ashamed to listen to in ten years ", - says Leps. Leps songs are heard, sung and written hits over the years become the "imperishable". And this background that the "Labyrinth" will take its rightful place not only in the discography of the artist, but also in the hearts of his fans.

November 2006. "In the center of the earth." Album lived, to feel harmony and muffled sounds. Beautiful lyrics for strong men strong people ... close my heart and soul not only an artist, but also for each of its fan.

2007. Spring. Out of the whole trilogy discs. This is the story, life, past, present and future of course ...

«! I - a living." Collection of the best video clips. It includes clips that were photographed in different periods of the artist's creative life. Small video stories, great life.

«All my life - the road." A large collection of the most famous, by Grigory Leps and irreplaceable works of-a-kind gift for the real fans of the actor's talent.

DVD «In the center of the earth." Full video version of a grand 3 hour concert, held on 16 November 2006 in SC "Olympic". This concert, which you must see!

November 2007. Kremlin. November 22. The premiere of the new album and the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky program "SECOND". The CD includes songs such as: "The singer at the microphone", "Paradise apples", "Man Overboard," "Horizon", "Song of the aircraft - fighter", "Mass graves", "Robber", "There was a merry pink sunrise "," The Ballad of the struggle. " Sound - the producer and arranger of all songs, Valentin Tevyansky


2008. Despite a very busy tour schedule, we are working on a new album with Alexander Rosenbaum. Its output is planned in the summer.

in April 2008. Three big solo concert at the Moscow Arts Theater him. Gorky. The program included all the best songs Grigory Leps.

10, 12, on February 13, 2009, in the Kremlin Palace hosted a presentation of the new program Grigory Leps "WATERFALL»


The concert was welcome. Since November 2008, he was moved to February, due to the disease and the urgent hospitalization of the artist. But behind, and present concerts at the Kremlin in Moscow became a real musical event. Witnesses of this grand concert began about 15 thousand people, both Muscovites and admirers Leps from other cities in Russia and abroad.

The program consisted of works already known, and certainly quite new. Prime was much, some impossible not to note:

«Black Snow" - written by Andrew Misin, became a kind of sequel to the already known "Labyrinth." Real Men lyrics of Grigory Leps mouth was accepted hall to "URA».

The song, written by Igor Matvienko for a duet with Nikolai Rastorguev was in these days performed solo by Gregory as prime minister. "I was looking for a woman in this city," the so called work, was turned into an artist in a solo performance. And he has already won the hearts of fans. Just after the first performance of her singing the whole room.

«What can man." The song, written by Gregory Leps in collaboration with the poet Konstantin Arsenevym. It Leps thinking about the present. The place of the ordinary man in the world. About his role in modern life difficult. Woven into the fabric of the song prayers in the languages ??of the three different confessions, gave the product of a truly human scale. And it could not leave the viewer indifferent. Song - prayer has caused tears in the audience of its penetration


«Run across the sky," written and performed once Maxim Fadeev. This beautiful work was courtesy of Gregory the author for inclusion in his repertoire, with confidence, that the "Run in the sky" will take in the works Leps rightful place.

«- I've always been a fan of creativity Maxim Fadeev. "Run across the sky," elegant product. And I am honored that now it is in my repertoire "- says Gregory


«The old boat." The song is a kind of experiment. And a new job with a new author Gennady Gorelov, deservedly marked by many listeners. The lyrical, sad, thought-provoking about the transience of life.

«Waterfall". Magical work, set the tone not only all the great concert program but also to the new album.

October 14, 2009 on sale there was an album Grigory Leps "Waterfall" - the long-awaited release of the year. Work on the plate, which included a record number of songs was two years. This 16 works, some of which are already known and loved the actor fans. But just as there will be premieres. "The album we have done for a long time, and it seems to me, is justified. I chose the material, which is close to me. "Waterfall" - a part of my life, and I hope that in the new album, everyone will find what he would have liked, "- said Grigory Leps


The CD includes such songs as duets with Irina Allegrova "I do not believe you," and with Stas Peha "She's not yours," and "I do not love you", " Get out beautifully, "and the song, thinking," What can a man ", which is the author of the words Konstantin Arsenev.

Back in the disc includes works, already beloved by the public, "Insomnia", "Black Snow", "boat", "waterfall", "Word", the song "Run across the sky" Max Fadeev. For the first time, students will be able to hear on the disc works "Beach" E. Pozdnyakov and "You're late," the authors Vladimir Losev and A. Yegorova. Also in the deluxe edition will be possible to see the video of the song "What can a man", "I do not believe you," "It's not your" and "Insomnia." Directed by A. Solokha.

«Waterfall" - album of moods. There will be a place where one can be sad and have fun. It's no secret that Leps always attaches great importance to a sound, and the semantic content of the songs works. The album "waterfall" Grigory Leps different. On it you can talk a lot and argue heatedly. But in order to have something to talk - just take a plate in hand, play and listen to. Waterfall feelings will be inevitable.

November 20, 2009 - a concert of Grigory Leps in SC "Olympic". 18 thousand spectators witnessed the most ambitious, important and expected, as the artist's fans, and himself an artist - a three-hour concert - presentation of the CD "Waterfalls." There were songs, as have long been a favorite of fans of Leps and quite new. Thousands audience SC "Olympic" choir sang "shot of vodka", "Rat", "Labyrinth", "Word", "Tell", "his" (I was looking for in this city a woman), "I do not love you", "Go away nice ... "" What is man, "is the product of the audience, like the artist himself, isolated on a special. Meditation, prayer of the day today that everyone in the audience, everyone who has ever heard it on the disk - and trying to understand myself personally. The concert in the Olympic Stadium - is the result of specific, large work Grigory Leps, a new stage in the creative life of the actor. - Concert of "Waterfall" in the Olympic Stadium - is a big job. Not only mine, but of the whole team. I'm happy the show? I do not know. There is no limit of perfection and I always have the desire to do better. But much of what has been planned out. God forbid, not the last time.

23, 25, 26 February and 7 March 2011 in the Crocus City Hall with the big sold out concerts of Grigory Leps. The concert was presented by the new album "pince-nez", the song with which Grigory Leps played in a surreal atmosphere that prevailed that day in the concert hall. previously were performed unheard compositions as well as songs, has long deserved recognition of the viewer and the most sincere love. Every fan of Leps is well aware that any concert of this talented artist always gets the status of a great musical event. Special stage design and video installations made spectacular concert at a phenomenal show - show the highest level. This concert was not yet! This drive, this sparkling such creativity such viewers receive such gratitude on both sides ... Grigory Leps turned his speech into an extraordinary musical performance, performed with taste and filled to the brim with emotion. Powerful voice, an immense wave diopazon and undeniable masculine energy made concert Gregory Leps individual, with incomparable pleasure. Concerts took place in February and March 2011 were the next step in the work of Gregory Leps.


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