While his glasses almost all considered part completely Chekhov, an integral part of Anton Chekhov's image in his life, it was included in the most recent years, his pince-nez on a cord, he began to wear since 1897. After Chekhov was discharged from the clinic Ostroumova, where he was diagnosed «open pulmonary tuberculosis», it already began to examine all experts. Eye doctor came to Melikhovo and discover Chekhov astigmatism, long time picking up the lens. In AP his eyes were different in color, and it turned out that on the diopters  also, the difference was one and a half units. When Chekhov settled on Sadovaya Kudrinskaia home-chest, as he called it, a cabinet AP I went out into the yard. In the words of Chekhov, to get rid of these eternal twilight in the room, he lit usually not only the lamp but also the candles. Perhaps it is bad sight and astigmatism caused wild tormented his headaches, but Chekhov long said that a headache due to poor lighting. The neighboring room belonged to his brother, who was wearing his glasses all my life (and never  points) and AP often I asked him: «Bear, give me nez»! Apparently, pince brother his life easier, but for some reason he did not rush to check the eyesight. AP I did not like to be treated and access to doctors. One wrote: «I do not want me listened, – Aesculapius still find some blunting». Like anyone who wears glasses, Chekhov formed a sort of collection. Pince-nez, and has a collection of house-museum on Sadovaya, his – in Melikhovo and Yalta.

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